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Podcast: The 116

These are stories that take root in our ministry at 116 NE Perry, but they reach into neighborhoods around the world. The 116 is a podcast about living life higher, wider, closer, and deeper.

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The 116 - Video Version

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Helping Others
How do we help others in need? This pandemic has presented unique challenges to feeding and assisting those with broken life stories. But the Gospel of Jesus beckons us to serve those in need. So, in this episode, we speak to FUMC Director of Community Missions and Ministries, Dan Philips, about how we are moving forward with helping our less fortunate neighbors, and what you can do to serve the needs around you. It's a challenging, through provoking episode you won't want to miss.
What's Up In Peoria?
WMBD Morning Host Greg Batton returns to our friendly confines to talk about the things you need to know about our community. Greg has his thumb on the pulse of Peoria, and he's here to help us understand this place where we work a bit better. He might also try to come up with a new name for our studio. Any suggestions?
Technology & Worship
The pandemic has served to accelerate the church's realization that new technology can help us do the work of ministry. But how do we demystify technology? Is technology an enemy or friend? What is new or upcoming that might help us do the work of the church? We'll answer your questions, and even some complaints, as we explore how technology has always helped to amplify the work of spreading Good News. Guests Jeremy Caldera and Jim Casey from Pearl Technology join host Greg Fish for this electric edition of The 116.

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