The wider we open our arms, the more of the world we will serve.

Jesus called us to serve, and we believe in opening our arms as wide as we can to welcome as many as we can. Explore this page to find just a few of the ways we serve wider.

The Foster Gallery for Christianity and the Fine Arts  is a unique part of our experience in ministering to our community. And, it shines the light on the arts.

The Foster Gallery  nurtures mutual understanding and appreciation of the connection between art and faith to develop and strengthen relationships between artists, the community, and the church.

The Gallery is located in the mezzanine on the second floor just  above the Worship Center.  Enter through the NE Perry Avenue entrance or use the doors facing Main Street.

Loaves & Fish

We’re a downtown church on purpose.  We’re here because we choose to be here among the people of the downtown area.  Our heart is tied to those who need to be fed, clothed, housed, and lifted to new heights.  Loaves & Fish is our Saturday morning ministry that reaches into our neighborhood and gives a helping hand.


If you are in need of assistance, click here to find out about the services we provide and information about other resources for help.


Going wider means taking Jesus seriously when He said to go to all the world. Serving missionally in our community, and beyond, is a part of our DNA.

Buddy Ministries at Lincoln K8

For over 25 years, our church family has been in relationship with the students, families, and staff of an area school. First, it was Irving School. Now, our Peoria Public School District 150 Adopt-a-School partner is Lincoln K8. Click here to find out more about our Buddy ministries, and how you can volunteer to bring love and help into the life of a student.