Despite the pandemic-related shutdown, it still takes people working hard behind-the-scene to keep our facility in shape for the day when we all will be allowed to return.

For years, a quiet man we simply know as Fernando has taken great pride in keeping our clean, and properly set-up for events. He is highly regarded for his dedication and determination.

The current shutdown has had a grave effect on so many workers. However, Fernando has continued to work here doing deep-cleaning tasks, and maintaining a clean, healthy facility for the very few people who have proven to be essential to be on hand. In that spirit, Fernando recently asked us to thank all of you for the privilege of serving you even through this crisis. It is a humbling, and beautiful note that we want to share with you here:

"Hi, may name is Fernando. Most of you already know me as I have been working here for quite a long time.

"At this time, we are living in very trying times, where we all are living under conditions we are not used to.

"I now understand that my job is very important and well appreciated by all of you. I have been doing my absolute best to maintain every area of the United Methodist Church (to be) clean and disinfected for everyone's safety. My commitment here is to maintain everything, (keeping all things) safe no matter what situation we may be in, just as I have been doing all these years."

We are so grateful for Fernando's commitment, and are proud to have him as part of our team. We know that his efforts are of eternal importance to our ministry work.