a summer to remember

A Summer To Remember

By Pastor Tanya Edwards-Evans

Wow! It is June already.

June is fun time, free time, me time, family time, and VBS time. It’s when summertime truly arrives. The sun is shining, and daylight is longer. But this year, we don’t know if summer will still hold all that we remember or expect.

This is the year of 2020. It has come with excitement, with anxiety, with good news, and even bad news.    

During the summer months, we spend time with family, with friends, alone, and with nature.

One of the most important things we do in the church is to introduce children, youth, and adults of all ages to Jesus at Vacation Bible School events. I enjoyed taking my children and their friends, along with my nieces and nephews, to the daytime and evening VBS events around town. It was fun for them to learn about God.

Please take the time to share your memories of VBS with your children. Tell them about the themes, the memory verses, and the songs you learned. You are an eyewitness to the story of how Christ touched your life, and how these encounters have changed your life.

One of my favorite VBS events was called, “Whoosh! Take Flight to Where God Leads You.” I recall G-Force, Blast Off, and Hero Central. You too can share your VBS and summer memories with your loved ones.

Click below to download my new puzzle, and circle the summertime, fun things that you find. There are over 55 items.


is an associate pastor at First United Methodist Church - Peoria