Honduras HOPES...

Honduras Hopes...

By Kevin & Julie Nelson
The coronavirus pandemic has had an immense impact on churches and ministries throughout the world.  Perhaps none have been impacted as severely as those who serve in Honduras (a country in Central America).  
The United Methodist Church in Honduras provides spiritual and emotional support to communities throughout the country.  However, church services continue to be suspended in an attempt to stem the tide of coronavirus infections.

FUMC mission trips to Honduras have provided medical clinics, women’s programs, children’s programs, and youth worship services.  Other United Methodist churches also provide support and resources throughout Honduras.

As all remaining mission trips for 2020 are cancelled, the Mission in Honduras is facing a severe shortfall of income.  While some expenses have been reduced, it is not enough to cover costs required to keep the Mission in operation. Our church partners describe the situation as “severe” and “dire.”

In response to this urgent need, the FUMC Mission Team authorized $3,000 to the Mission in Honduras for their continued support and operations. 
Pictured above: Men, women, and children waiting at the medical clinic at Aposento Alto United Methodist Church in 2019.  Medical camps in 2020 have been canceled.

Pictured at the top: The cross at Santa Lucia, just outside the capital of Tegucigalpa in Honduras.  The cross is a symbol of the rich Christian heritage within Honduras.