Mission, Vision, and Strategic Planning

Last year, we invited the Unstuck Church group to help us evaluate, analyze, and rethink our mission, vision, and strategies at FUMC. Little did we know then that the pandemic would create a major break in our activities and worship services. 

We are taking advantage of this break, and the opportunity to do the deep work of prayer and analysis needed, to refocus everything we do regarding the call God has placed on us to make healthy disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of Peoria and the world.

Thirteen of us are meeting to discuss Tony Morgan’s book, The Unstuck Church.  We’ve had great conversations about where our church is on its lifecycle, and how we might reinvigorate our church and improve our engagement with our community and world. 

We’ve had tough conversations about what may need to change in order to be in alignment with God’s will. We’ve talked about pruning. According to John 15, both fruit bearing limbs and fruitless limbs get pruned. And, we’ve been encouraged because all of us want FUMC to be the best congregation we can be. We want to be faithful to God’s call by fruitfully making new and healthy disciples of Jesus.

Please continue to be in prayer for our church and our team. Our first meeting with the Unstuck Church consultants will be Saturday, August 22.  Watch eHighlights for the link to an online prayer for each day leading up to that first meeting.

Tony Morgan