By Jerry Motsinger
Thailand Now (Thailand Methodist Mission) is making a difference.

There is a young man named Corn who I first met when I was assigned to Blessing Home, Isan, Thailand for five weeks in May of 2016. Corn had received a college scholarship provided by Thailand Now. He has since graduated college and is now director at Blessing Home. If not for the contributions and prayers of those faithful givers to Thailand Now, Corn could very well be working on the streets of Pattaya.

Despite being in Isan, the poorest area of Thailand, Blessing Home is thriving.

Isan is an extremely rural and most of the families in this area work as farmers. Because of that, they have not been deeply affected by the coronavirus; their community has had zero cases. Since most all of the families work on their farms and sell locally, the virus has not affected their businesses.

This is such an amazing blessing, especially when you think of how hard Blessing Home in Pattaya, Thailand has been affected by the virus. The parents of the students there are having an extremely difficult time. They had held jobs in the bars, restaurants, and other red light businesses near Walking Street. Now, with no tourists visiting the city, parents are struggling to provide food for their children.  

We don’t know when Thailand will open up their country for tourists, but we do know that young children need to be fed. The directors of Thailand Now are dipping into their own income to support the children at Blessing Home in Pattaya.  

To donate, go to or mail your check to:
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