A Latino Ministry Advent Celebration for Everyone

La Posada (the Spanish word for “the inn”) commemorates Joseph and Mary’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a safe refuge for Jesus to be born.

It is a Hispanic tradition that normally takes place nine days before December 24. In the original Mexican posada, families and friends representing Mary and Joseph (or carrying their icons in the Catholic tradition) go from house to house asking for shelter until someone opens the door, lets them in, and places Mary and Joseph in their house Nativity scene (Nacimiento).  Then, they proceed with celebrations that include “atole” (a warm milk and starch based sweet drink), and possibly, tamales.

On December 24, they put the baby Jesus in their Nativity sets and celebrate the birth of a King with songs and meals.

Nine years ago, our Latino ministry started our own version of the Posado celebration here at FUMC. It is a memorable celebration designed to present the true purpose of Jesus’ birth, and to invite people to make room for Jesus in their hearts. We invite our family and friends to join us for a potluck dinner, games, door prizes, and Christmas songs.

La Posada celebration culminates with a Piñata for our children. Every child receives candy, a toy, or a token bag to remind them of God’s gift. This is a visitor friendly event where we also share information regarding other Christmas programs here.

You are invited to La Posada, December 8, at 5 PM. RSVP by calling the church office, 309-673-3641.