Episode 1: Julie Rolffs & Amy Zuehls / The Liberia Story, part one

Episode 1 Show Notes

Host: Greg Fish
Guests: Julie Rolffs and Amy Zuehls

When we support the building of a school in an impoverished area of West Africa, can we really know if it makes any difference? Can we go outside our comfort zone and find the comfort of God present as we step into a different world to discover all we have in common? A team of four recently set off on a journey to understand how our resources could be put to work in Liberia, but in the process, their lives were changed. In episode one, we visit with Julie Rolffs and Amy Zuehls as they take us on an emotional and inspiring journey to an impoverished area where God is doing powerful work. We'll explore the typical questions you may have, but then dig deep to find out the impact that we make when we follow God. It's a story that won't leave you the same.

You'll learn about the language, food, sights, and sounds of experiencing Liberia for the first time. But give particular attention to the stories of how God's spirit moved in unique and unexpected ways as the team ministered and learned.

Below are the show note picture, some of which were referenced in this episode.

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Julie Rolffs with Gborboe (Bo-bo)
Pastor Tim Ozment giving "high fives"
Amy Zuehls enjoying fresh coconut water and fruit
Dan Philips was always popular with the kids. Here he is at Korsen (pronounced Koh-sen)
The team with Caroline, wearing the lappa gifts she purchased for them.