Episode 10: Greg Fish's New Book, "Be Patient, Take Courage, Don't Grumble"

Episode 10 Show Notes

Host: Greg Fish & Pastor Tim Ozment
Guest: Greg Fish

In this episode, the tables are turned, and 116 host Greg Fish is interviewed by Pastor Tim Ozment. Greg's new book, Be Patient, Take Courage, Don't Grumble, is being released early because of its relevance to the time we find ourselves in with the pandemic crisis. The book encourages us to change the way we face our challenges, and how to move forward into what is ahead of us when we might before to go back in time. The title of the book is a work in process for us all, but it encourages us to understand a simple pattern that God has given us for facing the realities of the day, and moving into the hope of the future. The book is available now at www.gregfish.me.