Episode 3: Julie Rolffs & Amy Zuehls / The Liberia Story, part three

Episode 3 Show Notes

Host: Greg Fish
Guests: Julie Rolffs and Amy Zuehls

Julie Rolffs and Amy Zuehls return to take a deeper dive into the stories and life-changing events of their recent trip to Liberia, West Africa. They went to observe how our missions giving can best serve the people of Liberia, but came back with a deep sense of how God's spirit is transforming the world. You'll learn that giving money to support a mission is more than just a way to meet a goal. Our gifts truly change lives and invite God to speak into the lives of people needing hope. This is a vital conversation that will stir your heart and shed light on just how big and wonderful God truly is.

Below are the show note picture, some of which were referenced in this episode.

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