Small Groups

"Small groups can serve as the foundation for deep, truly life-changing relationships… a safe place where people can encounter God, and find the resources and relationships to nurture their spiritual growth."


"My small group has become much more than just a group of women gathering to study God’s Word. In the process of growing in our faith , we have become true sisters in Christ, sharing our hearts and struggles along with laughter and tears. We support and care for each other in good times and bad.  I can’t imagine my life without them"

-Sandy Carver

"Being in a men’s small group has been very meaningful to me.  I enjoy the camaraderie, appreciate the acceptance, and I need the loving and truthful accountability of the group.  The guys and this experience have made a crucial difference in my faith journey"

- Tripp Waldo

Why We Do Small Groups

Small groups have always been an important part of being a disciple. Jesus called the first twelve disciples to follow him and created the first small group of faithful believers. We are committed to establishing and nurturing small groups where people can grow in their faith.

We believe that to be a healthy disciple it’s important to not only study God’s Word, but to put it into practice. We ask our small groups to do a 1-3 hour mission project as a group.


"The good news is you belong here. This is your church. Together we’re a part of this congregation and the present and future of this church is in our hands. God invites us to not only receive, but to give back as well. At church we’re invited not only to be served, but to learn how to serve Jesus and others through the life of the church."

- Pastor Tim Ozment

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